Workers are Critical Players in Governance – Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun


The ENACT Principal has appraised the importance of workers in the day-to-day socio- economic development of any society. This was contained in his Workers day’s message released in Ilorin today. *Happy workers day to all civil and public servants in Kwara State. This day is an occasion to reiterate the importance of workers and appreciate their commitments in the governance process. Infact, they are critical players with whom a successful government must reckon with and appreciate with good welfare packages


In Kwara, we are aware of government efforts not just to improve the welfare of workers through prompt and legal wages, but also with continuous career trainings and prompt promotion exercise for effective and efficient service delivery. Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has been friendly in this regards, and will do more in nearest future.

It is my humble advice that workers should be a partner in progress with the administration of AAtoo encourage a committed government of AA to do more for them. God bless our workers on their special day



ENACT Deepening Democractic Principles


Came across a publication that is laced with facts, but had some twisted conclusions or opinions.
ENACT principal Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun is a philanthropic and community development oriented individual that provides financial support to many organizations doing great things in our communities. One of his flagship support programs is the renowned Igbomina Mobile Clinic bringing healthcare relief to the doorsteps of many of our people in Igbomina land (Irepodun, Isin, Ifelodun) and supported Offa Descendants Union North America medical mission to Offa and its environs.


Equally, ENACT initiated Mobile Clinic has traversed the length and breath of the remaining four local governments Oyun, Offa, Ekiti, and Oke Ero in order to bring healthcare relief to our people outside of the normal coverage of Igbomina Mobile Clinic.
A recently launched program is the ENACT INNOVATION HUB that has positively impacted the lives of many people in Kwara South by empowering them with skills acquisition that can be translated into economic security immediately. Many positive stories are abound to testify to the impact of the programs. There are equally interventions in water borehole repairs and sinking of new ones and interventions in the areas of Education in form of school repairs and refurbishment, school kits, and school fees support.

For any democracy to thrive, CSOs Civil Society Organizations and NGOs Non-governmental Organizations have critical roles to play. The success of any democracy is predicated on the principles of transparency and accountability. In this light, ENACT looks for organizations that are promoting the ideals of democracy and lend financial support where necessary as they are critical to the development and progress of our democracy and society.

According to the publication “The Deputy Coordinator of ENetSuD, Mr Lanre Oso revealed this on Thursday while featuring on a live radio program titled ‘Ipinle mi/My State’ on OFM Ilorin.

According to him, Engr Nurudeen Adeyemi ENACT, a close ally of Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is sponsoring one of ENetSuD radio programmes in order to enlighten the citizens, monitor the spending of government under the leadership of His Excellency, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and ensure transparency under his led administration.”

That the government of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is fully committed to transparency and accountability to the good people of Kwara State is not a secret as the government established partnership with many CSOs such as Elite Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD).
Therefore, ENACT financial support to a group like ENETSUD is in furtherance and in support of the good governance vision of the government of Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

ENETSUD is involved in many activities that have helped in bringing government closer to the people. On many occassions, ENETSUD assessment teams have uncovered numerous communities needing water or other amenities that the government and other well meaning members of the society have been able to step up and close the gap fairly quickly.
Part of ENETSUD positive impact on the government is the standardization and improvement in procurement processes of the state that has allowed the state to be cost effective and deliver value for money to the good people of the state.
It is not a secret that many feel that despite the great work being done by ENETSUD, some of their public reporting can come across as fodder for the opposition. That any relationship may be strained from time to time is not news. It is as a result that ENACT has tried to play a role as a mediator and advisor from time to time in order to ensure that we are deepening the principles of democracy while trying to ensure fair and balanced reporting that is focused on problems or gaps identification while government can look for appropriate method or means of closing the gap. An example is the contract standardization and procurement process improvement potentially saving the government and the people of Kwara billions of naira.

As a person aspiring to represent the good people of Kwara South Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun is fully committed and fully bought into the vision and leadership of Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq especially in the areas of deepening democractic principles. One of the areas that many of the CSOs and NGOs can be of impact in helping Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun serve the good people of Kwara as a Senator God willing is the ready access to their many Community Needs Based Assessments that many of our elected representatives are not currently taking advantage of today. Leading to some elected representatives facilitating water to communities looking for power or facilitating power to communities looking for water.

Therefore, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun sees partnership with credible CSOs and NGOs as critical development tool in service of the people.


Kabiyesi, Eku Orire O…., Engr. Adeyemi


The founder of ENACT Innovation Hub Ajase-Ipo, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun has congratulated the Igbomina Paramount Monarch in the person of Olupo of Ajase-Ipo Kingdom, Oba Yahaya Alebiosu on the occasion of his birthday anniversary. Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi released the congratulatory message as he appraise the developmental disposition of the king within and outside his kingdom.

It is with absolute joy we congratulate HRM Oba Yahaya Muhammed Alebiosu on the remembrance of his day of birth. Our Royal Father is surely glowing like crescent with lots of progress and development attracted to the kingdom.

In your time Kabiyesi, we can be sure that your leadership guidance and legacies will continue to promote peace and tranquility within the entire kingdom.

Kabiyesi, your several dispositions to new waves of ideas and innovations that can secure the future of coming generations, are notably encouraged.

As we celebrate with your Royal Majesty, may God keep you protected and prosperous, Amin.



You are the Icon of New Kwara Project, –  Adeyemi to AA


Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun has congratulated the Executive Governor of Kwara State, His Excellency Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq on the occasion of his birthday. Engr. Adeyemi joined the friends of Governor across Nigeria and world wide in a birthday message released today.

According to him, we thank God for making you the friend of people; Governor of the mekunu. The ENACT family wish to join great people across the globe to say a Big Happy Birthday to Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

Again as always Your Excellency, we believe that this occasion of your birth will boost your undying vision of reawakening and repositioning of our great state and bring about good governance in the state. Already, Kwarans at home and Diaspora are feeling the great impact of your administration in less than three years positively. Indeed, you are the Icon of new kwara project we all hope to.

It is our prayer at Kwara South ENACT, that God should continue to guide and guard you always. May He always provide you the wisdom to continue the good works in Kwara. Congratulations and Happy Birthday YE!




20 graduate from ENACT Innovation Hub for Digital Skills for Business



A total of 20 participants that participated in the first-ever program at ENACT Innovation Hub, Ajase-Ipo graduated yesterday. The training which lasted for 2 weeks was themed on Digital Skills for businesses.

The curriculum covered digital skills with a focus on Social media marketing, Content Strategy, Ecommerce, Social Commerce, Analytics, Display Advertising as well as online reputation management.

The Hub is the brainchild of Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun was unveiled last year November by Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq. The first set of participants of the Hub was trained on Digital Skills for Businesses.

Speaking at the graduation event, Mr. Ibrahim Alarape, representative of Ajase Ipo Descendant Union who witnessed the event commended the initiative and thanked Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi for his vision and commitment to grassroots development through the ENACT Innovation Hub, Ajase Ipo. He extolled the participants on the importance of the training they’ve got and how they can positively impact society with it.


The ENACT coordinator, Mr. Ayo in his address urged the participants to do beyond getting their certificate and practice what they’ve learned towards developing businesses with their skills using the digital tools.


The training is illuminating a revolutionary way of truly empowering our people from Kwara South. A clear departure from the usual unfocused approach met on the ground. He added

Mufutau Lawal who is a graduand commended the ENACT team for bringing such an initiative to Kwara South. He also expressed his delight in the knowledge that he has acquired in the training. The knowledge of digital skills will help me do better and project my business” – he concluded.


The participants were awarded certificates and a sum of N10,000 cash prize was added which was a gift from Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun. The honorarium was to cover transport allowances and others.

The registration for the second cohort has commenced. Interested participants can visit to register.

Registration is free.


“Thank You for Supporting Innovations for Growing Generations” – ENACT appreciates Gov. A.A., Olupo and Others


Kwara South ENACT Principal, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun has appreciated the Executive Governor of Kwara State, His Excellency Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for the rare privilege to commission the ENACT INNOVATION HUB in Ajase-Ipo on Thursday, November 25th, 2021.

Yesterday, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq was personally present at the unveiling ceremony of the technological hub that was envisioned to promote digital literacy among the youths and growing generations of Kwara South Senatorial District.
In his message of appreciation, Engr. Adeyemi remarks that, I am sincerely grateful to the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and government, for his presence at the official commissioning of ENACT INNOVATION HUB located at Ajase-Ipo. YE, your remarks at occasion testified to the love and passion your administration has to encourage innovative developments across the State. Thank you for the Honor.

Also, I thank our Royal father, Oba Ismail Yahayah Alebiosu for all-time supports. I am indebted to our Focal Person to Governor on Diaspora Matters, Dr. Lola Sawyerr for her relentless roles in the process of the event. My appreciation equally goes to Hon. (Chief) AbdulRaheem Adedoyin Oloriewe, Elder Oyin Zubair, all APC Chairmen, groups of elegant women and other well respected individuals present at the occasion.

On behalf of the planning committee, I want to say thank you for the rare privilege accorded to ENACT family. With the continuous support of our people in the District, I want to assure all and sundry that ENACT INNOVATION HUB will be an impactful digital revolution to the growing generations.

May God help us all



You are Building Sustainable Future Generations through KidsTech, ENACT Principal tells DIGPROM


Appreciates Governor for creating enabling environment_

Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun of ENACT has lauded the recognition of DIGPROM Team in the area of youth employment and development in the State during the just concluded National Youth Day Symposium in Ilorin. Engr. Adeyemi congratulated the team on the Exceptional Youth Award conferred on it by the State Government. According to the statement,

Congratulations to the powerful team of young and vibrant intellects behind the operations of DIGPROM Initiative. The award conferred on your team is a good omen that your consistent drive to create a generation that will conform with technological requirements of New World, is appreciated by the State Government.

Truly, you are building sustainable future generations. We at ENACT are proud that your Team is demonstrating great capacity through Kidtech, to empower children and youths with digital economy know- how in order to better prepare them for the global economy that is continously migrating to a knowledge based economy.

Engr. Adeyemi appreciated AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq administration for not reneging on his vision of including and encouraging the youths of Kwara to contribute positively to the development of our dear state.

While encouraging your team not to relent, we equally appreciate His Excellency Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, the Executive Governor of Kwara State for sustaining his passion to build cycle of productive youth in all developmental ramifications. Because, without an enabling environment currently created, a Team like DIGPROM would not find its operations encouraging.

May Kwara continue to prosper under your watch, Your Excellency



Oloriewe, ENACT Discuss Kwara South Development in US

Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun (ENACT) has met with Alh. Raheem Adedoyin in the US to formally congratulate the IPI Secretary, on his recent election into the World governing board of IPI.

Raheem Oloriewe and Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi
Raheem Oloriewe and Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi

Adedoyin was elected unoppose in September 2021 during IPI 70th general assembly in Austria. Engr. Adeyemi expressed his happiness that Oloriewe’s professional network is promoting the image of Kwara South, the State, and the country at large.
During the courtesy visit, several issues that border on the overall development of the State especially as it relates to the Kwara South Senatorial District were discussed alongside the representative leadership of the District.

I have always detested politics of deception; politics of selfishness; politics of greediness; politics of pocketing (if anything like this) because these are politics that demean the human and capital development of any society.

So our meeting today, the king of boys offered his brilliant insights that could enliven the developmental politics of Kwara South Senatorial District.



ENACT, KDG-USA host Gov. A.A. to a Dinner in United States


The ENACT in conjunction with Kwara Development Group, USA hosted His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to a dinner and a fireside session in United States over the weekend.

The dinner parley was organised to appreciate the Governor on many developmental strides and recognition of same by well meaning Kwarans. Recently, the Governor bagged a well-deserved Leadership Newspaper Governor of the Year 2020 award.

According to Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi who spoke at the event, the ENACT friends and families showed the Excellency the gratitude and appreciation for all the great works being done on behalf of our great State and its people. We congratulated the Governor on the many strides in Education, healthcare, security, Infrastructural development, Social Safety net, prudent management of state’s resources, level playing field for government employment and contracting opportunities for local contractors, etc.

The Governor, for his part, shared with the gathering his vision for our state and his plans to put many of our people to work. Our beloved Excellency believed in the idea of a living wage apart from a minimum wage. Minimum wage guarantees a worker a take home wage while a living wage ensures that a worker can live an honest living while taking care of his family without needing any side hustle or sharp practices.

He said the administration is working towards making Kwara an economic hub with its attendant effects on revenue generation, job creation, and good living for the people.

He said the state has a laser focus plan to develop the Osi and Ilesha Baruba Campuses of KWASU as well as revive moribund industries in our state, thereby putting our people to work. The Okin Biscuits conglomerate can become a centre of employment excellence for our people. Infrastructure and critical roads projects in Kwara South are especially important to our beloved Governor.

Designing and implementing all these working plans are what stand out progressive governance, which translates to empowering individuals and families for the betterment of the society.



ENACT Team Visits Olùpako of Share, Prays for Peace


The ENACT team visited the Olupako of Share to commiserate with the king and the entire people of Share over the lives lost during the recent communal clash around the Share-Tsaragi axis.

The King, Oba Haruna Olawale Suleiman while receiving the delegation eulogised the ENACT Principal whom he described as selfless and wanting to leave his comfort zone to come home and serve his people.

He prayed for the success of his ambition and for the entire state at large.

The head of the delegation, Hon Felix Ajani enjoined the royal father to continue to sue for peace among various neighbouring communities. He also called for support for government security initiatives and intelligence network in a bid to forestall clashes and insecurities.

One of the delagates, Alh Rasaq Aro also amplified the importance of youth engagement where young men and women can be put to work. “Doing this, will bring shared prosperity and reduce the challenges posed by insecurities” – he remarked.

Part of the delegation include Hon Samson Adeoye Isin, Rasheed Ayo Yusuf, Mr Kazeem Adeyemi and the ENACT Share support group.