1446: New Year for Change of Attitude -Adeyemi admonishes Muslims on Hijrah

Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun has admonished muslim Ummah to have a change of attitude towards the attainment of a better society. This was contained in a Hijrah message released today. According to him,

Hijrah, being a moment of transition of phases in life and hopefully towards a good and comfortable life, requires us to eschew all acts that are inimical to personal and communal progress.

As demonstrated by the Noble Prophet Muhammed (SAW), we should collectively seize the moment to reflect on our pursuance of a better society. Our categories of leadership should be sincere to devote time and resources for the growth of society so as to allow people’s hope to geminate. Ensuring a safe and stable economic society will make remarkable changes in the lives of people.

While the led are also to pray for the success of our leaders as commanded by Allah. Because, whatever negative energy directed at them will bounce back to the masses and make situations worse than ever. Let us be prayerful and develop a true passion to start a productive lifestyle differently from a consumption society. This is a transition of Hijrah for the betterment of our society.

As we celebrate this year, may God continue to bless and enrich us. Happy new year!!!


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