Adeyemi Calls for Calm, Patience among Kwara South Youths


Following the news of restiveness by some youths of Kwara South over fragile insecurity, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun has called on the concerned youths and others in the Senatorial District, to eschew violent approach, trust Security operatives and be patient with the State Government in finding lasting solution to the menace.
According to his reaction,  truly, everyone is concerned about the continued circle of violence and spate of insecurity in the country and its manifestation in our various communities. Unlike before, we grew up to see Kwara South as a confluence of many cultural entities living together peacefully and harmoniously. Unfortunately, banditry, kidnapping, herder/farmer crises have generated mutual suspicions among our communities of anti-human activities most especially along ethnic line.

While this is worrisome, demoralizing and disheartening, I think we should still be careful about the method and approach to adopt in confronting these various challenges in our district. Should we take the law into our own hands, things are likely to spiral out of control and degenerate into a free for all that are usually deadly and dangerous with incalculable degrees of casualties because it usually comes when guards had been loosen.

Rather, we should toll the line of civility by exercising more patience especially with the state government who has been proactive and strategic in addressing the issue of security. The state government is currently actively revamping the security architecture of the state by integrating all traditional and non-traditional securities into an umbrella network providing a multi-layer security network for the citizens of our great state. The state government has demonstrated commitment and backed the new approach with logistical supports through the procurement of operational vehicles, the establishment of community policing and collaboration with appropriate agencies of federal government to create alternatives environment for peculiar livestock farmers.  I believe the issues bordering on security will be properly put to checks in a shortest possible time without causing further harm to our fragile co-existence.

Please, my brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties, let us remember that attacks and reprisal attacks typically affect our elderly disproportionally while leaving many families without bread winners and thus, leaving the entire people in live long agonies. We should renew our trust in security agencies, integrate and match our local intelligences on suspicious movements into the proper chain of security control mechanism for professional handling. Don’t let us take laws into our hands because violence will always begets more violence.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all families that have been impacted in one way or the other by the security challenges facing us collectively.
God bless you all, the statement read.


Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun

Principal, Kwara South ENACT

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