ENACT appreciates Gov.A.A. over KWASU VC

The Kwara born US Aerospace Engineer, Chief Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun, has expressed a profound appreciation to the Executive Governor of Kwara State for appointing the shining international Scholar, Prof. Sheikh Luqman as the substantive Vice-chancellor for KWASU.

According to him, Your Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State, with the appointment of Prof. Lukman Sheikh, you have again proven that merit is cherished and that you are a Kwaran for kwarans with your policies.

That Prof. Luqman Sheikh is appointed as the substantive Vice-chancellor of KWASU based on merit has equally disappointed many “unfounded political calculation and permutations” that YE will favour a particular region on the state above others.

I therefore congratulate the illustrious scholar, Prof. Lukman Sheikh on the attainment of this feat and the entire people of Kwara South. May God guide the Prof. with adequate wisdom to uplift the institution higher and higher.

To YE, on behalf of the good people of Kwara South, I expressed our profound appreciation and gratitude for finding our son qualified as a scholar who can drive the development of KWASU.


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