Nigerian Workforce Worth Investing in for Rapid Economy Growth Engr. Adeyemi. 

Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun (ENACT) has urged all stakeholders in the Nigerian Economic Sector to prioritize the well-being and welfare of all categories of workers in the country for rapid development and growth of our economy. He made this known while commemorating this year’s Workers Day. According to the statement, “The live wire of any country is its workforce. They drive all the goods and service production and delivery engines of the country’s economy at all times. When rightly deployed and harnessed, workers’ energies translate to development; their strategy and ingenuity propel growth and ensure economic stability, hence the need to ensure conducive working conditions for all workers in our dear Country.

Government and Corporate bodies should, as a matter of necessity, always cherish the sweats of Nigerian workers by formulating and implementing policies that will keep the workforce motivated, engaged, and encouraged in service delivery. Living wages should replace minimum wages so there can be total commitment to the organizational goals devoid of unethical practices for all categories of workers in Nigeria.

While we hope for continuous improvement in the welfare package for Nigerian workers particularly from the Renewed Hope Agenda, we wish to encourage all workers to remain steadfast in serving their fatherland with utmost integrity at all times. Happy Workers Day.


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