ENACT Innovation Hub, Ajase-Ipo: Digital Skills for Businesses – Day 3


The ongoing Digital Skills for Businesses at ENACT Innovation Hub Ajase-Ipo enters day 3.

Participants were taught E-commerce and Social commerce. The focus was on niche-based e-commerce and how they can profit from the value chain in electronic commerce.

The importance, relevance, and strategies to adopt for e-commerce and social commerce were well discussed.

* The e-commerce in the global perspective and the market opportunity it presents locally.

** Social commerce as the new order in electronic commerce.

*** A brainstorming session where each of the 4 groups chose an e-commerce or social commerce niche and pitched to other groups, why their e-commerce platform is better than the others.


The ENACT WAY of Doing Business was also introduced as a segment where the founder of ENACT Innovation Hub, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi shared insights on global best practices for doing business.

The participants were delighted and talked about how they have been able to implement some of the strategies taught so far in their businesses and that of others.

The training continues tomorrow (Thursday)

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