ENACT Innovation Hub, Ajase-Ipo: Digital Skills for Businesses – Day 4


The ongoing Digital Skills for Businesses at ENACT Innovation Hub Ajase-Ipo enters day 4.

Participants were taught Display Ads; Social Media Marketing for Businesses. The history, importance, and relevance of Social marketing as a traffic spinner on the internet were explored.

Organic and inorganic growth strategies were explored.

* The global Social Media Marketing (SMM) landscape and the unique opportunities it presents locally.

** Creating, optimizing Social media pages for businesses.

*** Step by Step processes of creating Paid Social Media Marketing campaign on Facebook.

The Recreational segment was introduced where participants had about 25 minutes to engage in the various indoor board and card games in the recreational room at the hub. Some of the participants were introduced to Chess; the rules, pieces, and few moves.


The participants are excited about the opportunities that their newfound training has presented to them.

Today ends the first week of the training. The training continues next week (Monday).

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