Oloriewe Salutes ENACT Boss at 51


Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi is a year older today and there is confusion over his age: 50. 51.
Typical of him, the man will just be laughing, never fazed by such confusion.
Politics and Development define the man they call ENACT who is also synonymous with the celebrated Igbomina Mobile Clinic.
Adeyemi is not yet a success in politics- if u think political success is measured by getting elected and getting political appointments. But he is well- respected and learning the political ropes fast.

Adeyemi looks gentle but he is strong-willed and shows flashes of strongheadedness.
When he told me about 4 years ago that he was considering a run for a Nigerian senate seat in Kwara, I advised him that the time was not ripe for that. Yes, he could raise the resources needed but being domiciled in the US was a grave problem and the slippery nature of Nigerian politics was not suitable for a newcomer aspiring for a top elective position.. He still went headlong into the senate race. He got bruished and probably still limping from the electoral shelling he received in 2019. But his spirit was not broken and, drawing lessons from his first attempt, he looks poised to make another try ( he hasn’t made any such declaration though, even if the footwork is appatent)
Adeyemi is the real apostle of politics without bitterness. He doesn’t regard political opponents as enemies or dangerous adversaries; nor does he disparage those who disagree politically with him ( Come to Kwara Tabloid or Kwarans Forum on WhatsApp for a lesson in Adeyemi’s civility). He is a good conversationalist and an all- round- the- clock communicator.

But it is in the area of development that he shines most. He is the founder and sole financier of ENACT , the organization he devotes to philanthropy.

Igbomina Moblie Clinic is the collective project of Igbomina sons and daughters in North America. It birthed when Adeyemi was their President. His sagacity shows in the resilience of the project operators headed by the indefatigable Elder Oyin Zubair. As Chairman of the Implementation Committee of the Project, I attest to Adeyemi’s undying commitment to the noble project.

Adeyemi’s community service is not limited to Nigeria. He is one of the leading lights of the Kwara State Association of Nigeria, North American Chapter( KSANG). KSANG is very strong in philanthropic work in Kwara.

Adeyemi is a political ally of Gov. AbdulRazaq AbdulRazaq and His Excellency’s Goodwill message on the occasion of ENACT’s birthday, is so fitting.

Not surprisingly, Adeyemi is from Irepodun Local Government, the heart beat of Kwara South and precisely from ( where else?) Oro/ Esie axis. If you know, you know.

Many Happy Returns, Buddy.

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