ENACT Innovation Hub, Ajase-Ipo – Entrepreneurship Development Training – Day 4


The ongoing Entrepreneurship Development Training at ENACT Innovation Hub Ajase-Ipo enters day 4.

Participants were taught Business Incorporation. The importance and relevance of Incorporating a Business were analyzed extensively.

Business incorporation strategies were also explored. This is one of the foundations and careful planning one must execute to properly launch the business venture.

Some of the key points that were deeply explained include:

  • Which incorporation is right for your startup.
  • How to do a Name search and register a Business on the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) website.
  • Structuring your business.
  • Trademarking
  • registering with regulatory bodies.

The instructors then urged the participants to implement the knowledge that has been passed down to them in their various businesses and other enterprises.

Today ends the first week of the training. The training continues next week (Monday).

Training and registration are free. Registration is open and ongoing. Please visit

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